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Bamboo Massage

Bamboo massage is a unique, unique type of massage from the Far East, which is still a rarity in India. Because bamboo is a lightweight, flexible, hollow, natural material in physical terms, these properties make it suitable for use in massages.

Bamboo massage itself is an extremely versatile kind of massage. Taking advantage of its natural abilities, it can be used to relieve physical and psychological tensions, treat headaches and neck pains, refresh, relax, stimulate lymphatic circulation, strengthen connective tissue. Special and unique massage techniques can enhance metabolic processes, reduce pain, and provide relaxation and relaxation. We work with rods of different lengths during the massage and range from gentle and caressing movements to stronger grips.

Not only the superficial muscles but also the deeper ones can be wonderfully worked with. In critical places, such as the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, a powerful massage is also a cellulite treatment method.


Reduces stress and fatigue

Stimulates blood circulation

pain Relief

Thanks to special movements and tools, he also deepens his deep muscles

Neutralizes negative energies

When not recommended?

Acute arthritis

During a feverish illness


Repeated inflammation

In case of hypertension

On the first two days of menstruation

During pregnancy

For recent traumatic injuries

In the advanced phase of osteoporosis (strong massage)

Immediately after surgery

What will happen?

The guest is in lingerie and only the area is covered, oiled, and with different sizes of bamboo sticks I massage the whole body using different techniques.

The bamboo poles used for massage are of different sizes and thicknesses, so you can effectively massage any area of the body. We work with the right rods on the oiled body, which produces a special feeling unlike anything else. Combining slow movements sometimes with stronger pressure can also affect deeper tissues to ensure complete muscle relaxation. However, besides the mechanical effect and the beneficial effect of the warm essential oils, bamboo also has a special property.

After Bamboo Massage:

Drink plenty of still water

Avoid hot baths immediately after treatment

Allow your body time to rest

Application in massage

The structure of the bamboo contains a special outer cell wall material: silica (silica), which forms a quartz coating on the surface of the bamboo, which generates electrical energy through changes in physical pressure or heat. This feature is called piezo and pyroelectricity, which creates a warm, almost tingling sensation in the skin. This dual effect applies simultaneously to the massage, which gives everyone a unique experience.

It recreates the experience of proximity to nature, the atmosphere and energy of ancient rituals.

Massage affects us both psychologically and physiologically. It soothes our mind and body and enhances positive well-being.

Has beneficial effects on the musculoskeletal system, improves blood circulation, helps the lymphatic system

Deposits, adhesions and scarring in the subcutaneous connective tissue are eliminated

It penetrates all the way to the deep tissue

It facilitates the elimination of accumulated waste products and fatigue metabolites

Feeling tiredness decreases, muscle strength increases

Myalgia nodules can be eliminated

Our breathing is easier

Stimulates the nervous system, reduces fatigue and lethargy

Calms the nerves

Because the muscles are relaxed after the massage, there is no unnecessary strain on the bones and joints.

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